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The SSLLRC Welcomes You..

The goal of the SSLLRC is to protect and advance the interests of the Labrador Retriever by promoting quality breeding, encouraging sportsmanlike competition, and educating all interested in the virtues, qualities and responsibilities of Labrador Retriever ownership.


We are an AKC licensed club located in St. Louis, Missouri. Members actively participate in many areas of the Labrador Retriever world including, Conformation Shows, Hunt Tests, Field Trials, Dock Diving, Obedience, Therapy and Service dogs, Tracking, Agility, and Rescue work. 

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Upcoming Events

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AKC Licensed Show


Join us for our Annual Specialty Show & Sweepstakes.

Back to Back Specialties along with Heart & Eye Clinic.

(Clinic - Sunday, open to ALL BREEDS. Sign up slots will be available in August)


Our Shows are in conjunction with the LRC National Specialty & the Parent Club Specialty.

(The Labrador National events will be held at Purina. Oct' 5th - 7th)

Majors all 5 days !

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Labrador National Order Form

Notice: Due to COVID, there are two Judge changes pertaining to our show.
Mr. Ron Kelly will replace Linda Harvey Majors judging Conformation Dogs on October 3
and Conformation Bitches on October 4.
Ms. Marjorie Rouganiou will replace Joy Quallenberg, judging Sweepstakes on October 3.

Sunday Oct' 3rd 2021 - Held at Purina, outside in the pavilion.

Regular Classes: Mrs. Linda Harvey Majors, (Linjor,) England: Dogs and Intersex

Mr. Phillippe Lammens, (Misty Dreams), France: Bitches

Sweepstakes: Ms. Joy Quallenberg, (Sanddigger): All Puppy & Veteran Classes


Monday Oct' 4th 2021 - Held inside at Purina.

Regular Classes: Mr. Phillippe Lammens, (Misty Dreams), France: Dogs & Intersex

Mrs Linda Harvey Majors, (Linjor), England: Bitches

Sweepstakes: Mrs. Susan Burke Rose, (Jessmor): All Puppy & Veteran Classes


Offering $2000 in Cash Prizes!

Plus an awesome Silent Auction!




The SSLLRC with be holding their Annual Specialty as usual next year.

March 2022.


Privacy Statement
We do not share or sell exhibitors or guests personal and financial information to any third party


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Join us

Our club meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month 

Contact: Suellen Manning

Guest's are always welcome.


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