Spirit of St. Louis Labrador Retriever Club


This Spirit of St. Louis Labrador Retriever Club (SSLLRC) is committed to the creation and maintenance of a specialty dog club that supports excellence in breeding, exhibition, and preservation of the Labrador Retriever as it was originally developed. In order to accomplish this mission, we strongly urge that dogs and bitches be bred only when such a breeding is conscientiously believed to result in improvement of the breed.

Recommendations for Breeding:

  1. Sire and dam are at least 24 months of age.
  2. Sire and dam are certified free from hip and elbow dysplasia on or after 24 months of age by Penn Hip, Wind-Morgan or O.F.A.
  3. Sire and dam are certified by an ACVO-certified veterinary ophthalmologist free from congenital eye abnormalities until 7 years of age or entire breeding life, whichever is longer.
  4. Members shall provide a copy of this code of ethics and recommendations to sire/dam owner prior to breeding.


Ineligibility Criteria for Breeding Dogs/Bitches:

  1. Seizures or epilepsy.
  2. Severe temperament problems (breeder should evaluate temperament of sire and dam prior to breeding, noting that shyness and over-aggressiveness are not desirable traits in a Labrador Retriever).
  3. Other congenital/hereditary health disorders such as heart murmurs, arrhythmias, absence of two normal testicles located in the scrotum, myopathy or muscular dystrophy.


Requirements for Breeder Referral by the SSLLRC:

  1. AKC Registration of both sire and dam.
  2. 3 generation pedigree of both sire and dam.
  3. All health certifications listed above on both sire and dam.
  4. None of the ineligibility criteria listed above in either sire or dam.

Documentation of the above should be made available upon request.


Requirements for Litter Listing by SSLLRC:

  1. Puppies should not be removed from the litter prior to 7 weeks of age.
  2. Members shall not sell or donate dogs or puppies to brokers, puppy mills or research facilities, shall not auction or raffle dogs or puppies, and shall not sell dogs or puppies at flea markets or by the side of the road. However, donations to non-profit organizations (such as support dogs, drug dogs and sight dogs) are encouraged.
  3. Breeder should guarantee general health of puppies on the date of sale and puppies should be properly inoculated for their age.
  4. Breeder should be willing to take back any dog or puppy of their breeding in need of rescue.


Performance Recommendations:

Breeders are recommended, but not required, to seek performance titles in order to obtain objective corroboration that the sire and dam possess the desired traits as described in the breed standard, whether with respect to retrieving ability, tractability or conformation. For example:

  1. One (1) championship point as awarded by the American Kennel Club.
  2. One (1) leg toward C.D. (companion dog) title (obedience)
  3. One (1) leg toward J.H. (junior hunter) title.
  4. J.A.M. (judges award of merit) at a field trial.
  5. T.D. Tracking title.
  6. W.C. Working certificate.
  7. One (1) leg toward novice agility.
  8. Any other performance titles.


Breeding Records:

Members will maintain and provide complete and accurate records in accordance with AKC Rules and Regulations.